Renewable Energy Target Under Review

The race is on to Save Solar & the Renewable Energy Target

Members of the renewable energy industry around Australia are encouraging those considering solar power to sign up before midyear to avoid potential price hikes.

A major review into the impact of clean energy on retail power prices is expected to clear the way for the Government to make significant changes to the Renewable Energy Target (RET).  The RET scheme ensures 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity will come from renewable sources, like wind and solar, by 2020.


Unlike European nations looking to increase national targets, the review places the target in jeopardy of being decreased which will impact on solar power subsidies, specifically the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) which could mean much higher solar power prices for Australians.


No date has been set for the review findings to be announced however, based on previous experience, government decisions on these matters have been announced quickly and often those without a signed contract and installation date have missed the incentives.


Wise customers are signing up for solar now, to avoid the disappointment of missing out on incentives of up to $3500 (for a 5kw system).

Organisations such as The Australian Solar Council for example, have launched fundraising campaigns aimed at ‘Saving Solar’ from government intervention.

“It appears a high level decision has already been made to slash the RET or axe it altogether” John Grimes CEO Australian Solar Society

Solar saves money and creates jobs,” said Grimes who appeared as a renewable energy industry expert on Sky News State of the Nation on Monday night (24th February 2014).

“Solar has cut the average electricity bill by more than 50%.”

Grimes adds that “roof-top solar has delivered over 18,500 new jobs, created 4,500 solar businesses, and resulted in 3,000 MW of solar installations.
“In 2015/16 roof-top solar costs will represent just 1% of an average electricity bill.”

“Meanwhile solar reduces wholesale electricity prices and strengthens the electricity grid”.

“Combined with today’s analysis that the small-scale solar scheme saves the community more than it costs, why would you possibly reduce support to small scale solar? “ said Grimes.

The Solar Council has since launched the Save Solar marketing campaign and features prominent print and TV advertising (see video above).

So, with the results of Australia’s RET review not far away, including potential for a negative impact on subsidies, now is as good a time as any to take up solar power and avoid potential disappointment.

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