The Renewable Energy Target Review

The Federal Government is conducting a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET), with a particular focus on the level of the target and its impact on electricity prices. This presents a real risk to the industry and warrants a concerted effort to defend the policy at the heart of the clean energy sector.

Save Energy Australia firmly believes the Renewable Energy Target should be maintained in its current form. The solar industry is one of the fasted growing sectors of small businesses in Australia, and with the support of federal and state governments, two million household clean energy systems such as solar panels and solar hot water systems have been installed. The RET has also generated some 30,000 jobs, and is forecast to generate 30,000 more if given the stable policy it needs.

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is the last remaining support for the solar industry and the current review could see government support for solar being slashed. The SRES helps businesses plan for steady growth and removing the scheme would have a devastating impact on the thousands of small businesses and their tens and thousands of employees around the country.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) are also under threat. The certificates encourage ‘distributed energy’ where power is produced close to the point of consumption, thus reducing the need for importing power and cutting system costs for households.


We are urging everyone in the solar industry to stand up for renewable energy in Australia. We are equipping SMA staff and customers with knowledge and resources about the Renewable Energy Target and the possible implications of the review. We have put together an info pack, based on the resources provided by the Clean Energy Council, and template letters ready to send to local MPs. Some of you may want to meet your local MP, others may prefer to voice their concerns in writing, so we have prepared a template letter for both cases. You can download these at the end of this page. Click here to identify your local MP.

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We would really like to know the outcomes of any correspondence you have with your MP. Please send a quick email to , post a photo of you sending your letter on our Facebook page: or tweet at us @saveenergyaus.

Stand up for renewable energy now.


Facts about the Renewable Energy Target
Letter template to ask your local MP to meet