Hills Esteem Evacuated Tubes

Hills ESTEEM Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Next Generation Solar Hot Water

The Hills ESTEEM™ systems represent the pinnacle of solar hot water systems in Australia today. Utilising advanced technology, the Hills ESTEEM™collectors deliver performance efficiencies well beyond those of traditional flat panel and other evacuated tube collectors.

With superior design and enhanced insulating properties, the collectors optimise energy capture while minimising heat loss, providing greater energy efficiencies, particularly during the winter period when thermal energy is at its lowest.

The small amount of evaporative liquid in each tube is super heated by the sun’s energy and forms into a gas. The gas rises to the top of each pipe. Heat transfer then occurs between the pipe and water passing through the manifold . The water is then transferred to the tank.

Hills Solar Evacuated Tubes are frost tolerant and have passed the AS/NZ 2712 2007 Standards for both, Hail & Freeze Resistance. The Hills Solar Hot Water Systems have passed the Freeze Test to –15° C without the need for a heat exchanger or Glycol.

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