How Does Solar Hot Water Work

Save Energy Aus supply and install only premium solar hot water systems of which there are two types:

  • Evacuated tube solar hot water system
  • solar hot water system

Solar hot water systems use either glass evacuated tubes or glass flat panel solar collectors designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. The collectors are devices for converting the energy in solar radiation, providing a highly efficient means of heating your water.

Hills ESTEEM™ Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

The advanced design incorporates tubes that consist of 2 layers of borosilicate glass with a vacuum layer between them.

The Vacuum acts like a thermos flask, retaining up to 93% of the heat generated by the thermal energy, resulting in an increased efficiency. The sun’s thermal energy is then transferred to the manifold via the heat pipe located in each tube.

The small amount of water in each tube is super heated by the sun’s energy and is transformed into a gas. The gas rises to the top of each pipe. Heat transfer then occurs between the pipe and the water passing through the manifold.

The water is then circulated back to the tank. The cylindrical design of the tubes ensures effective collection of the sun’s thermal energy throughout the day; therefore, absorbing more of the sun’s energy.

The result is an incredibly efficient system designed to harness the energy from the sun even in extremely cold climates.

Evacuated Tube Key Features and Benefits

  • Evacuated tubes are highly efficient in cooler and cloudy conditions
  • High performance in winter during low sun and high hot water use
  • Double layer glass, vacuum between layers, like a thermos flask, retains heat
  • Heat retention up to 97%
  • The suns thermal energy is transferred to the heat pipe
  • Liquid in copper pipe forms vapour, rises to top of tube, assists heat transfer
  • Highly efficient heat exchange proces (heat pipes in manifold to water)

Flat panel solar hot water system

The sun’s energy that is absorbed by the panel is transferred to the water via copper risers located inside the panel. Water is pumped through the panel collecting heat from the absorber, the heated water is then returned to the storage tank.

Flat Panel Key Features and Benefits

External one piece aluminium trough of naval aluminium alloy, rich in Magnesium, for protection against corrosion. Robust construction -Perfect tightness- High aesthetics. of naval aluminium alloy, rich in Magnesium, for protection against corrosion.Robust construction -Perfect tightness- High aesthetics.

High density eco-friendly thermal insulation achieved with a 60mm thick layer of prepressed rockwool with a covering of black glass fabric for the minimization of thermal losses.

Headers are punched with upper expansion, for perfect manifolds fitting, thus avoiding pressure drop in the collectors.

Sun-Selective complete area absorber made of selective aluminium sheet ,of high absorbency and low radiation, covers the complete window area as well as the headers, thus increasing the collector’s absorbency. Laser Welded to the water frame.

Tempered solar glass low iron, with a stable coefficient of expansion and high light transmittance, can withstand adverse weather conditions such as hail storm and extreme temperature changes.

UV proofed Solar glass rubber seal. Aluminium profile for solar glass seating and supporting, enhanced with special openings in order for the penetration of water into the collector to be avoided, thus achieving perfect tightness.

Special plastic parts for supporting and sealing the water frame to the trough, specially designed for the collector’s ventilation, with temperature sensor supporting option. Special silicone rubber seals allow fluctuation of the absorber’s length (contraction – expansion) at all temperature (from -40 °C and up to +200 °C).

Four internal M8 threads integrated in the trough for simple and safe collector mounting on the support base.

Hills ESTEEM™ and Hills APOLLO™ Solar Hot Water Systems Tanks and Boosters

Hills ESTEEM™ and Hills APOLLO™ solar hot water systems use stainless steel storage tanks which provide long-term corrosion resistance, without the need for a sacrificial anode and are available with Gas or Electric boosters and are manufactured to Australian Standards AS 1056.1 and AS 3142.

Both Hills Solar systems are also available with a vitreous enamel lined mild steel storage cylinders and are manufactured to Australian Standards AS 1056.1 and AS3142. The steel cylinder is encased in Colorbond®. The tank is insulated with high density chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) free polyurethane.

The Hills Solar hot water systems storage tanks incorporate a design to promote thermal stratification that prevents the mixing of incoming cold with hot water at the
top of the tank.

In gas boosted systems the gas booster heats water only when required, minimising energy wastage. The booster switches on when the temperature of the water passing through the booster from the storage tank is less than 60°C.

Storage tanks incorporate a high level of insulation to keep solar hot water hotter longer.