Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Federal government currently offers an incentive for renewable energy called the Small-scale Renewable Energy Target (SRET). Under the SRET, Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) can be created when you install an eligible renewable energy system.

Solar power systems qualify for STCs depending on the amount of electricity they are expected to generate over a period of 15 years. 1MWhr = 1 SREC

The number of certificates that you can create will depend on your location and the size of the system you install. To see how many STCs your system may attract you can use the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator’s calculator.

Solar Credits

The Solar Credits Program is a government incentive for photovoltaic solar power systems, where a multiplier is placed on the number of STCs that can be created on first 1.5kW of solar installed. This increases the number of STCs a solar power system is eligible to create. For systems that are larger than 1.5kW the additional capacity is calculated at a 1:1 rate of STC creation. Note that the multiplier will be reduced each year as per below.

The current SRES Legislation multiplier is as follows.

Installation Period Multiplier
9 June 2009 – 30 June 2010 5 x [number of eligible STCs]
1 July 2010 – 30 June 2011 5 x [number of eligible STCs]
1 July 2011 – 30 June 2012 3 x [number of eligible STCs]
1 July 2012 – 30 June 2013 2 x [number of eligible STCs]
1 July 2013 – onwards 1 x [number of eligible STCs](ie no multiplier)

For more information on the Solar Credits Program including eligibility please see