Enecsys Micro


The Enecsys micro inverter, installed at the back of each solar module, offers a unique and excellent value proposition compared to conventional string or central inverters.

Benefits include  :

  • Significantly increased energy harvest
  • Lower lifetime cost of solar photovoltaic systems
  • Increased inverter reliability to match the life of solar modules
  • Comprehensive web-based monitoring and a communications system that analyses and reports the performance of each solar module within the PV array to enable system performance optimization
  • Simplification of PV array design
  • Ease of installation
  • Improved safety



The technology:

Enecsys’ innovative and patented solar micro inverters have been designed for high reliability operations, to have a life expectancy of 25 years thereby matching the life expectancy of solar modules, to operate in real world conditions from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C, and achieve a peak efficiency of 94.1% for high reliability over the temperature range. In order to achieve this high level of reliability, the Enecsys micro inverter embodies three key attributes:

  1. A patented rugged topology
  2. A component line based on high temperature rating and ruggedness
  3. And a unique and patented energy storage technique that enables the use of thin film capacitors instead of less reliable electrolytic capacitors and the elimination of opto-couplers.

The elimination of the components known to have relatively poor reliability – electrolytic capacitors and opto-couplers – was critical to improving the lifetime and reliability of Enecsys solar micro inverters. The failure modes of electrolytic capacitors include leakage or depletion of electrolyte solution from the capacitor, which in turn causes their internal temperature to rise and performance to deteriorate at an ever-accelerating pace.

The Enecsys solar micro inverter is a compact unit that converts the DC power from the solar module to AC power for supply to the electricity grid without the need for a string or central inverter. The AC output from the Enecsys micro inverter is in-phase with the electricity grid and exhibits high power quality including low harmonic distortion and near unity power factor.

The difference between the various solar system architectures – conventional string or central inverters, DC-DC power optimizers with string or central inverters, and micro inverters is discussed below:


Monitoring: the Gateway


Enecsys’ comprehensive performance monitoring of the PV array is highly enhanced as each module’s performance can be viewed, a capability not available with string inverters. This uniquely provides users and installers with real-time detailed information to ensure that the solar system performance is optimized over the life of the installation.

The information can be used to promptly detect performance issues and pinpoint the exact location and nature of the problem, which provides precise guidance for required maintenance, a capability not possible with string inverter systems. The micro inverter is equipped with a robust built-in wireless communication system that connects to the internet via a gateway to provide detailed performance information on-line from anywhere.

The Enecsys monitoring system has a user-friendly graphic interface that provides the following information:

  • Total energy generated
  • Individual panel performance
  • Historical pattern of energy generation


An Enecsys iPhone monitoring application is also available. Installers can use this to monitor multiple sites located anywhere in the world, from anywhere with a mobile data connection. For each site, information is provided about the installation date, location, current weather conditions and real-time as well as historical system performance information.

The Enecsys website www.enecsys.com provides more information on the benefits of combining micro inverters with your choice of solar panels.